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Step 1:  Dash Removal

First start by removing the radio.  I'm not going to explain how to do that here because chances are if you're going to pull the dash you probably already put a decent radio in.  So lets move on!

Lighting and HVAC Panels:

1.  Remove the two phillips screws at the bottom of each panel.  Gently pull the panel out to expose wiring.  The headlight switches just use standard plastic latch type connections, use a flat head screwdriver to lift the tabs while pulling the plug.  Be careful not the break the tabs.

For the climate control, remove the 3 standard connections, 2 on the top, and one on the side.  To remove the climate vacuum hoses, remove the 2 retaining cups on each side with small pliers, and remove.  The temperature cable can be removed by first removing the retainer cup on the eyehole of the cable then insert a small screwdriver on the inside where the red tab connects to the cluster.

2.  Using a 11mm socket with extension, remove the two bolts on opposite ends of the dash at the bottom, near the kickpanels.


3.  Remove this support bracket from the bottom middle of the dash near the heater vent.

4.  Now remove the screw for the e-brake and remove the cable from the latch.  Reach under the dash and pull the latch up while grabbing the end of the cable and sliding it out of the slot on the latch.

5.  Remove the bottom panel under the steering wheel.  This is a series of phillips headed screws.  4 up top, 2 in the middle, and 2 down below.  On some models there is a cover at the very bottom of the dash.  Remove with either flat head or 7mm socket, and also a 10mm nut located near the gas pedal.

6.  Once both panels are removed,  use a 10mm socket with a long extention to remove the 4 nuts attaching the cluster housing to the dash.

7.  Next, 4 more nuts will remove the instrument cluster.  If you have a cable driven speedo, disconnect the cable by pressing the tab at the bottom of the speedo cable.  You might not be able to see it, feel around for it. 

8.  Now remove the hood release latch cable from the bottom of the dash.   While you're down there, remove the 2 light sockets from under the dash.


9.  You have the choice of either removing the steering column entirely, or lowering it down a bit.  Its less wor to just lower it, so remove the nut shown on the left on both sides to lower the column.  Leave the bolts a few threads turned to avoid stress on the column.  When youre ready to pull the dash, then remove the bolts.

10.  Next is the door chimer.   The 7mm screws are located on the inside so you have to go under the dash and pull them.  I used one of those thumb ratchets and it worked nicely for such a small space.

11.  Finally remove the (4) 7mm screws next on each side of the defroster vents.  If the screws don't seem to be coming out and just turning, pull the dash slightly to create some tension.

Congrats!  You made it this far!  The dash is ready to come out.  Take a look and notice where wires are coming and going because youll have to make sure they are in the correct area when you put it back together!  Every plug is unique and easily distinguishable.

12.  Remove the 2 bolts the we previously loosened and pull the dash gently out.   Using a 7mm socket, remove the tie-down clips on the inside of the back of the dash where the large wire loom runs.  I cant remember for sure but I think there are 2 of these.  Just follow along with your fingers and see where its connected to the dash.

The dash should be completely unconnected from everything.  Just inch it out, making sure there aren't any wires getting caught or pulled, and you're done!