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Dropping your S-10

There are a lot of different ways you can drop S-10's. Some ways are more expensive than others, but the ride quality and suspension will differ. Depending on how much you want to drop, and ride quality, here are some methods for the S-10 drop for 2 Wheel Drive S-10's.  If you want info on 4 wheel drive drops, CLICK HERE.

First and foremost there are many different companies who offer drop kits for S-10's.  I only recommend Belltech to people for a few reasons.  Belltech offers LIFETIME warranties on all their products.  Also, if you've ever seen a front coil spring from Belltech and one from another company such as Chassis can clearly see the difference.  The Belltech spring is much thicker and heavier, which will pay off later when doing a V8 conversion.  Belltech also has a toll-free tech line where you can speak to somebody immediately without hassle if you have a question.  Visit Belltech on the web at

Front Drop:
This consists of using spindles and/or springs. The spindles will give you 2" automatically and will offer the best ride as compared to using 2" springs. For more extreme drops, use springs in combination with the spindles. For example, a 3" drop consists of spindles and 1" springs.

Rear Drop:
Using leaf springs to give you the first 3 inches will make your ride quality much better than using just blocks for 3" drops or more. These blocks go in between the axle and the leaf spring to push the axle up, making it appear lower. They also make your shock tower lower to the ground.

I chose to do a 3/4" Belltech drop using spindles and coils in the front, leaf springs and 1" blocks in the rear, and Belltech NitroDrop shocks all the way around. It costs about $550. Here are the part numbers for the S-10 drop:

  • 2100 - 2" Drop Spindle (About $149)
  • 4200 - 1" Spring ($80)
  • 6000 - 1" Lowering Block Kit ($25)
  • 5954 - Leaf Springs (3" Drop) ($150 for the pair)
  • 7003 - Front Nitro Drop Shocks ($35 each)
  • 7503 - Rear Nitro Drop Shocks ($35 each)


    All the part number above are available through Summit Racing Equiptment (1-800-230-3030)

    Make sure you get an alignment after dropping your truck!

4x4 Drops

   You have 2 options.  Buy the Belltech 4x4 kit which will give you approximately 4" drop.  The kit consists of redesigned torsion bar keys. Use leaf springs and/or blocks in the rear as you would with a 2wd.  You can also do the 'torsion bar trick' as posted by our Tech Leader Slim.  Click here to read.